8 May 2013

May. 8th, 2013 08:22 pm
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the beauty of confession


Earth smiles to himself, looks at the scrapbook of information he has about Mars. He pats the page he’s looking at, and with one last glance of satisfaction at the new information he’s collected about Mars, he shuts the book and replaces it on his shelf.

He pulls out another book, this time about the teachers. He’s obviously collected enough information about Ms. Sun, but he still has a lot he needs to find out about the rest. He’s trying to decipher what kind of person Mr. Alpha Centauri is, but he’s not even sure with the information one of his students had given him. Ms. Epsilon Eridani is another mystery, isn’t even sure if the two students he found were here students at all. He sighs, and moves on to reread and check the information he’s gathered about his friends and classmates.

“What, is it the daily stalker system check-up?” Venus asks from behind him and Earth almost jumps out of his seat.

Earth shuts his book in hand immediately and spins around in his seat. He’s hoping his feet topples Venus over, but then again, Venus has always been more graceful than him. “Oh my god, no! Uncool, bro.” Earth holds his book, the one conveniently about Venus, to his chest.

Venus rolls his eyes. “Well the way you’re speaking has obviously worsened since last time.”

“…We spoke to each other this morning.”

“Exactly,” Venus cackles.

Earth gives Venus a look, and wonders how Venus got his hair that thick. He plays with a few strands of his, pretends that he’s not jealous. Sometimes, he wonders how they can look so alike and so different, how that’s even possible.

“Are you giving me the bedroom eyes?” Venus waggles his eyebrows just to prove a point.

Earth blanches. “God no, stop being so gross. You’re my brother for raining out loud. Besides, I would never cheat on M--” Earth immediately shuts his mouth. That is information he has not told Venus yet.

Venus raises a hand. “Wait, wait, wait. Hold up. Are you and Mars a thing now?” Earth weighs the pros and cons in answering that question truthfully, and nods his head. Venus nods seriously, and Earth thinks that he can finally have a normal conversation with the other, except of course Venus decides to open his mouth again. “So,” he tilts his head and almost looks innocent, “have you banged yet?”

Earth flails and falls out of his spinning chair. “Oh my god!” Earth screeches, curled up on the floor.
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