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Roa initiates the kiss, but it’s not hard enough, not deep enough, that Shouta can’t refuse. It would be so easy to pull away right now, so easy to push Roa away because Roa is doing that thing where he doesn’t exactly hold Shouta.

It’s a little different, Shouta thinks, because he expects a desperate a kiss, the kind with tongue and teeth and hands everywhere, fast and too much, something he’s used to. He’d expected something harder, something more now that the worlds have ended and collided and most of the time they have to fight for survival.

Shouta wraps his arms around Roa, finalizes the decisions, the moment. He licks at the seam of Roa’s lips, darts his tongue in when Roa opens them. The kiss gets deeper, tongues chasing each other back and forth.

Shouta fists some of Roa’s hair, pulls a little to hear the other groan.

Roa pulls back, breathing deeply, “Why did you do that?” He licks his lips, wet and red and Shouta can’t help being a little distracted.

Shouta bites his lip, tries to look coy, and gives a shrug.

He’s starting to feel cold, and it’s too cliché, he thinks, because of the only way he has in mind to warm them up.

Shouta trails his fingers down Roa’s chest, still clothed because he immediately jumped in. His fingers tremble a little as he runs them lower and lower, into the water and slips them into Roa’s pants.

Roa gasps, his arm around Shouta tightening a little. “What are you doing?”

Shouta licks his lips, he’s concentrating too much on the task at hand to give Roa an answer. He gives Roa’s cock a light touch through his underwear, feels it harden and twitch and Shouta gulps.

He kisses the side of Roa’s neck, looks up and in his eyes and smiles mischievously. “Aren’t you cold?” He asks, just before another kiss.

Shouta gets braver, finally lets his hand slip into the other’s underwear to grip Roa’s cock. He runs his hand up and down, thinks that the water is enough so that it doesn’t hurt.

Roa groans into the kiss, his hands going up to grip Shouta’s upper arms. The water around them splashes little. Shouta stops the kiss, pulls a way only to look at the other’s face. Roa’s breathing hard, and if Shouta concentrates enough, with their chests pressed almost too close, it’s like he can feel the other’s heartbeat.

Roa breathes out, heavy and hard and quiet and Shouta gives him a kiss. He feels warmth surround him, and maybe it’s a little too much.
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