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There’s always one door that you forget to lock


Sitting on the floor, Minoru keeps on sipping through the straw until there’s no more juice in the carton, even until it’s only air left and he might get gas because he heard something about that. But he shrugs, thinks nothing of it, and tries to zone out while the kid who follows him everywhere keeps on yammering about his day.

He sighs in frustration, wonders why it’s so easy to zone out in class when he needs to pay attention but can’t zone out when it doesn’t matter whether or not he needs to pay attention.

Minoru gives the kid a look that he doesn’t notice, wonders when that kid got the courage to finally break the rules and hang with him on the rooftop.

He’s snapped out of his thoughts when the door swings open and hits the wall with a bang. The kid is startled, quiets. The carton of juice falls off the straw, and falls to the floor as if startled as well. Minoru pretends he wasn’t surprised. Instead, he lets his head lull to the side, his eyes drift to who the person.

He’s a little surprised to see it’s Kei standing there.

“Dude,” Minoru says with a laugh, the straw falling, “that’s just too cliché.”

Kei raises an eyebrow, and it’s sort of a miracle that Minoru understands that to be the look Kei uses when he doesn’t want to ask a question but is asking it anyway.

“Looking grumpy, with your hands in your pockets and as if you just kicked the door opened?” Minoru says while gesturing towards Kei, “Totally cliché.”

Kei rolls his eyes in response but sits down beside Minoru, anyway. He leans back against the wall and bumps shoulders with Minoru. Minoru bumps back, Kei bumps back, and then it becomes a competition.

“Uhm,” The kid says, looks back and forth between them, a little unsure. “Okay?”

He eats his food in silence, watches them, and it’s almost too entertaining that he can’t help the bubble of laughter that escapes his lips.

“What?” Minoru suddenly asks, with Kei raising an eyebrow again.

“I just,” he lets out a little laugh again, “I always thought you were rivals?”

Minoru frowns, his eyebrows scrunching up.

“We’re not rivals?” Kei asks, bumps shoulders with Minoru again, a little too hard that Minoru almost falls over.

Minoru hurrumphs and bumps shoulders with him, hard, and Kei also almost falls over. Minoru smiles triumphantly. “Of course we are.”


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